Mid 136 fault code guide

WABCO Fault Codes We've compiled a list of the most commonly found WABCO fault codes. Please feel free to share with anyone else you know who frequently services WABCO brakes. Click Here to View Our Truck Manuals WABCO Fault Codes Below is an in-depth list of some of the most commonly encountered WABCO Fault Codes.

When you need “one-stop shopping” for fault code information, you need the NEXIQ™ Fault Code Guide. The fourth edition of this reference guide is the one source you’ll rely on for fault code information. ... Provides vital tables comparing MID, PID, SID, and FMI industry-standard descriptions with NEXIQ PRO-LINK® descriptions. Supplies.

Posted April 18, 2010. On 4/17/2010 at 8:18 AM, casa08 said: I recently realized by holding the mode button and the trip resest button at the same time on our 05 Granites it will display fault codes on the odometer readout. Most of our trucks will display "no fault" after letting go of the buttons, but a couple display codes, for example 5050-14?.




If there is a fault, please refer to the instructions in Fault tracing of cables and connectors page 43. NOTICE! Some fault codes become inactive when the engine is stopped. Start the engine to check whether the fault code is still inactive with the engine running. After an action with the connector. Put the connector back.

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voltage below normal or shorted low. voltage below normal or shorted low. voltage above normal or shorted high. excessive black smoke detected. erratic/incorrect data signal. abnornal rate of change. voltage above normal or shorted high. voltage below normal or open circuit. oem transmitted pedal fault.