Bmw dsc undervoltage

BMW CC-ID codes list. Scroll though or press Ctrl and F to search the list. CC-ID 1 - Active Cruise Control Disabled, Poor Conditions. CC-ID 2 - Active Cruise Control Disabled, Poor Signal. CC-ID 3 - Active Cruise Control Failure. CC-ID 4 - Trailer Parking Light Left. CC-ID 5 - Trailer Parking Light Right.

I purchased a used DSC unit from eBay, but the DSC module needs to be coded with my current VIN and dealer said I have also contacted a few places I found online that rebuild DSC modules [modulemaster and myairbags] and I was told. Something as little as low brake fluid in the ABS can cause the DSC system to develop a fault. Refilling the brake with a suitable fluid will fix the problem. Faulty Sensors: The steering angle sensors and wheel speed sensors make up the DSC system. If any of these sensors develops a fault, the DSC system of your BMW will fail.





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2. Check for an under-voltage condition in the electrical system. Is there an under-voltage condition or notes about a previous under-voltage condition with the vehicle? YES -Repair under voltage condition. Go to step 4. NO -Continue to next step. 3. Check the total number of DSC faults registered. Is the DSC fault frequency (3) or less?.

Code a used DSC module via NCS Expert: BMW model example tested: E39 528iM and BMW E46 325CI. BMW CODING from £40 Jan 19, 2022 · Bmw E90 Coding List; ... Fault Code: 005DF8 Fault Explanation:Undervoltage Kl30 Fault Code: 005DF4 Fault Explanation:Board power supply voltage 9 Volts. Junction Box Passenger / Beifahrer. caroline says klaus died.