Advantages and disadvantages of corporate governance

Feb 27, 2017 · 1. The firm exists to maximize profits for the stockholders only, disregarding the 'stakes' other players have in the firm. Friedman. 2. The firm is an artificial entity and hence has no social....

Corporate governance is the process by which large companies are run. There are various different models that are applied across the world. There is disagreement over which is.

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Less costly to implement and monitor. b. Disadvantages of principle based approach i. Compliance with corporate governance can be viewed as voluntary. ii. The onus of measuring adherence to corporate governance principles is left to the stakeholders such as the community or special interest groups and investors..

improved governance through audit committees. Negative reactions to SOX Doubling of audit fee costs to organisations Onerous documentation and internal control costs Reduced flexibility and responsiveness of companies Reduced risk taking and competitiveness of organisations Limited impact on the ability to stop corporate abuse.