Maya prefix hierarchy names

The most notable of these is the 'emblem glyph', a high title of kings which incorporates also the name of the kingdom (see Classic Maya Names: Emblem Glyphs). An honorific prefix or suffix attached to many royal names is a title that reads K'inich 'Sun-faced'. Lesser nobles can have titles such as Sajal.

Maya User's Guide: Modify > Prefix Hierarchy Names Basics > Basics Reference > Basics Menus > Modify > Modify > Prefix Hierarchy Names Adds a prefix to the name of the selected parent object and all its children. Select the parent. Select Modify > Prefix Hierarchy Names . Type a prefix and click OK . Related topics. page aria-label="Show more">.


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Filesystem Hierarchy Standard. The Filesystem Hierarchy Standard ( FHS) is a reference describing the conventions used for the layout of a UNIX system. It has been made popular by its use in Linux distributions, but it is used by other UNIX variants as well. [1] It is maintained by the Linux Foundation.