Duties of a son in hinduism

According to Hindu traditions the son is the legal heir and the inheritor of the family ancestral property. By birth the son is the inheritor of the ancestral property according to the Hindu undivided property law. He in turn passes to his son and so on so forth. This way through the son the family property passes from one generation to another.

This was believed to be a superstition which helped ground the child. ... Menstrual taboo in Hinduism. Earlier, the traditional role of a woman in the house involved arduous and physically demanding tasks such as carrying heavy pots of water, grinding of wheat, daals, rice and masalas, farming duties and so on..

The following is a brief summary of filial duties— 1. You Ought to Love Your Parents. LOVE is the only state of mind from which all the only other duties that you owe them, can arise. By love, we mean affection; and surely this is due to a father and mother. The very relation in which you stand to them demands this.




You meet me my office/chamber in court or contact my whatsapp no. or mobile no. for more consultation. To perform marital obligations are the duties of wife. If she refuses to perform, you can file a case for divorce or judicial separation. You can also file a restitution of conjugal right under Hindu marriage act. All the best.

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