Obey me little mc

Obey Me Brothers with an MC who acts like a child around their own older brother. Lucifer. The eldest brother finds your usual shenanigans somewhat irritating. ... Little Baby Nothing(With Traci Lords) 8. Repeat 9. Tennesse 10. Another Invented Disease 11. Stay Beautiful 12. So Dead 13. Spectators Of Suicide 14. Damn Dog 15. Crucifix Kiss 16.

Laid out on the eldest brother’s bed, MC bit back the smile that dared form when Lucifer crawled onto the bed with her. Wordlessly, she gestured towards her, hoping he would amuse her with just a little bit of affection. He didn’t disappoint either..

Some of my Obey Me headcanons. Solomon purposely puts something in the food that tastes bad to angels and demons just to fuck with them.. Diavolo tripped walking up the stairs with Lucifer and made Barbatos change the timeline so Lucifer wouldn't remember.. He doesn't know that Satan also saw.; Barbatos only change the timeline so Lucifer forgot.; Satan still.




It was MC's birthday, you thought it'd be the same as every year but that changed when you were teleported to the Devildom. From there, you decide to stay to keep MC company, though, over time you notice that wasn't necessary.

In the Obey Me! storyline, the main character (MC) is a human exchange student who is sent to the Devildom to help strengthen the bonds between the Devildom, Human and Celestial Realms. As the most powerful demons in the Devildom, the MC moves into the House of Lamentation where the demon brothers live while under their protection.

Betrayed by the slow but sure replacement of the one who still occupies his heart, Lucifer withdraws and relapses into old habits that he swore to destroy for your sake, but it is the same person who once built it, completely brought him down by dating the enemy. SATAN He’s hurt, he’s not going to lie to you.