Gogo locomotion

The Flick. The Hully Gully. The Jerk. The Limbo. The Monkey. The Strut. The Tighten Up. You don't have to go completely retro to enjoy the dances of the sixties.

This locomotion prefab was created to improve the default controller. On top of that, you have multiple toggle to turn off legs movement or jump animation as example. You can cycle between multiple pose to simulate that you have full body tracking. -Sit/Laydown anywhere There's a build-in play space feature that move your character up and down.

Gogo Locomotion- franada Toggle Maker/ Contact Maker- Rafa#0069. DO NOT MAKE PUBLIC DO NOT take anything off of this avatar without purchasing it yourself. DO NOT GIVE TO OTHERS If you want to change their height just use unitys scaling in your inspector and move the eye point. Add Poiyomi toon 8.0, and VRC SDK to project before importing package!.




Extras. 31 emotes across four different emote sets (Default, Simple, Lewd, Silly) RGB Mode (Uniformly cycles all hue shifts at once) AudioLink integration (Cape also turns into a.

Locomotion We causing a commotion I put it in, I put it in, I put it in motion I put it in, I put it in, I put it in motion Locomotion We causing a commotion Rule number one, never be number two Got the candy apple whip, hit the gas, then I zoom Mad 'cause I'm rich and I'm young and I'm cute All eyes on me when I step in the room.

TOS: NO REUSE OF TEXTURES/ASSETS!!! ASSETS AND TEXTURES MUST BE BOUGHT OFF OF THE CREATOR! Do not share this package!, Do not leak/rip or make it public. If you are buying this for a friend/family member include their email/discord!VRCSDK3 will need to be imported first !! Poiyomi is in the package ^_^there are no TDA or game rips in this avatar!!how to upload :.