Girard speeding ticket

When a speeding ticket is based on radar, LIDAR, or VASCAR, a driver might try to show that the device produced an inaccurate reading because it wasn't properly calibrated. Other maintenance issues can also lead to inaccurate measurements. For example, incorrect speed calculations can occur if the lens of a LIDAR device is dirty or scratched or ....

Girard Forry stopped in to buy some hot dogs, and picked up a lottery ticket while he was there. The next day he checked the winning numbers, and to his surprise, saw that he won $100,000. "I. Re: Two Speeding Tickets Issued to the Same Driver, One Minute Apart. As the owner you are presumed responsible for these. I can almost guarantee that there is a procedure on the ticket to contest you weren't driving (which may or may not require you to identify the driver). 03-27-2017, 12:23 PM #9. jdrake10.

Contact Info. Chrissa Spigener. Court Clerk. 118 N Magnolia Ave, Hubbard, Texas 76648. 254-576-2576 ext 122.




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Girard Municipal Court Speeding Ticket Fines Girard Texas Probation-Fine-Defensive Driving Fees and Cost. Girard Municipal Court . Speeding Violations. Speeding Ticket Fines and Cost. Some Municipal Courts will attempt to get you to take “Deferred or Fine Deferral or Probation”. It really pays to weigh your options first! Limited Time Discount!.