What carrier does aliexpress use in usa

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You might have gotten the impression that AliExpress does not ship to the USA or Canada since it's not quite popular in North America yet. AliExpress is one of the biggest eCommerce platforms in the world, and their expansion has increased to countries such as the United States of America and Canada..

Aliexpress supports a whole range of shipping methods. You can decide to use private couriers such as UPS, Canada Post, FedEx DHL, etc. Getting your product shipped via private couriers increases the possibility of your order getting to your home faster. You can have your order shipped by parcel post, airmail or seamail.




After customs, it uses USPS to you, so get a notice to the local post office and have it held for pickup. Madd-Nigrulo • 2 yr. ago. Thanks very helpful will do! HokieScott • 2 yr. ago. It will more than likely come via USPS. If you live in a smaller town/area you may get.

Use the UPS Tracking/Freight form to inquire into your order shipment status. You will need to know either your Order Number or your Purchase Order Number.You can get in touch with UPS customer support team by sending an inquiry on this page. If you are not in the USA, you can use the International contacts page to locate a UPS office worldwide.

ePacket is a shipping option offered by third-party logistics providers ( 3PL) in China and Hong Kong. It allows merchants on marketplaces such as Aliexpress, to provide a fast and affordable shipping option for light packages, which is massively important for those running a dropshipping business.